Sunday, November 12, 2017

Dollar Bill on the Bulletin Board

Grandma and Granddad were teachers, and in retirement they spent their winters at an RV resort in Nokomis, FL. When they arrived, Grandma would pin a dollar bill to her bulletin board to send the first grandkid who wrote them at their Florida address that year! We kids seemed to forget the surreptitious reward over the summer for the first several years, but it later became a competition. I might have had bragging rights one year or two.

I’ve had a dollar pinned to my imaginary bulletin board on Emma, but time’s up - the contest is over. And, dear reader, I really shouldn’t be telling you this anyway because no one called me on it.

Last week, I posted a picture on Instagram and Facebook bragging on my engineering skills in cutting a
new dropboard for Emma’s companionway and a funky shaped shelf for the engine room. Using a couple three foot lengths of aluminum angle, a trio of spring clamps, and a couple c-clamps, I had set-up a straight-edge for my saw. I even used a metal yard stick under the plywood, so that the pressure from the clamps wouldn’t mar the nice birch plywood.

It was just then that I snapped and shared a picture.

I made a smooth straight cut with my little cordless circular saw. The 18-tooth carbide blade easily cut through the ¾” plywood -- and my metal yardstick!  Ugh.

Just as I was getting into the meat of the plywood, I heard the little ‘clink-clink’ as a 2” chunk of the ruler fell on the ground at my feet. Ah, well -- we can’t all be carpentry engineers.

And actually, I’ve been using the little 2” ruler offal. It’s a perfectly convenient size for measuring the ⅞” offset for the base of the saw.


  1. I thought you were going to say you were waiting for a comment....I would have said "put on goggles and watch your fingers"!!!

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