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Glassing the gunwale.

There is a confidence, a sort of comfort, in doing something you've worked hard to be able to do.  I've just completed my third week at the hospital.  I am so thankful to have found such a great place to be.  My new coworkers in the pharmacy are great.  The job is interesting and ever changing.  Working for a nonprofit community hospital is surprisingly enriching. Without being on the front lines of directly caring for patients, it is an honor to be a part of helping people.  The work feels more like an extension of me than just something I do.  There is a natural ease as if everything is coming together.

This new togetherness extends as well to the hull and deck of my boat. Last fall, I ground a one inch radius at the gunwale; where the hull and deck meet.  Cape Dory had screwed the deck to the hull at about 8" on center, but I wanted a stiffer joint.   This weekend, and last, I've finally been glassing over my radius.  2" fiberglass tape followed by 3", 4…