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Hangin' In the Hanging Locker

Some days you just have to take the good with the bad and keeping going. Besides, its still April. I shouldn't even be able to work on the boat yet - in Michigan. So I had a frustrating and stupid day at the boat on last Friday. Bad Boat Karma.

In order to let the Sun come up for a while before we arrived, Dad and I waited until mid morning to head down to Douglas. I had a couple things to check on. And, though it is never hard to convince Dad to come along, I especially needed him this week to hold a screwdriver on several bolts on deck while I contorted myself into the hanging locker [closet to you landlubbers] and remove the nuts on the other end. The bolts are those that hold the chainplates, and ultimately my mast. Cape Dory employed a unique system that avoided some of the disadvantages of modern chainplates jutting through the deck or cabin of a sailboat. The system, of course, has a few compromises and disadvantages too.

The first problem I encountered, and should…


A new year begins! Another belated post, but two weeks ago, it was a beautiful sunny day. I went running down to Douglas and uncovered my baby. It was beautiful and sunny and . . . I hadn't had near enough sleep. I tried to kill myself Thursday came off the road and headed to the boat on 1.5 hour of sleep. However, I got some rest and put in a great day on Friday.

There is now only ten or twelve feet of wire left on the entire boat! It all had to come out. My philosophy is that in order to know exactly what I have, I have to replace all the wiring. If there were any corrosion or damaged wire anywhere aboard, I wouldn't know it until something quit working. And even then I wouldn't necessarily know the location of the problem; better to start fresh. In order to start fresh, all the old had to come out. I left a few stray bits to trace a few wire runs I couldn't figure out.

After I got started, I was increasingly comfortable with the choice I had made. Behind…

Belated Year End Wrap Up for 2009

This is a belated Year End Wrap for 2009. The most important event of the year was the moving of the boat. I'm saying "the boat" now because I am in the midst of negotiating the renaming with myself.

Dad had been accompanying me to Bay City to do boatwork. After being driving all week, Dad and I drove 3.5 hours over to Saginaw Bay to work. It was difficult, at best, to get the gumption up to do anything significant. Dad was inspired, after speaking to Mom, to front me the funds to move the boat. The first quote I got, three years ago, was outrageous and I never considered moving the boat. With the backing, I searched anew and found a company out of Holland that was amazingly reasonable.

We got an early start last year. I had finished stripping the bottom paint and started sanding off the last blush of it. This was quite a job; a 28' foot hull to a depth of 4 feet with a palm sander.
The boat was loaded on to a very cool adjustable trailer and hauled from Bay C…