The Boat

Emma is a cutter-rigged Westsail 32. She can handle almost anything that the ocean can throw at her. Not all weather is comfortable for the crew, obviously and the skipper will do his best to avoid bad weather. Nevertheless, it should be expected at times that the ride will get uncomfortable. Trust that the boat can handle it.   

Emma easily sleeps four or five; six if we are really good friends. No cabin exists in any kind of privacy, therefore we will be living together for the duration. There is a double and a single in the bow. In the main cabin, the dinette drops to create a double berth and there are two other single berths; stowed items will have to be moved to use both. 

Emma can carry 80 gallons of water and 40 gallons of diesel. Water is available throughout most cruising grounds. It is *not* always free and can sometimes be expensive. In the Bahamas, there are remote areas where water is scarce. Outside of crowded, dirty harbors, seawater will often be used for cooking. Water is not normally rationed but it must be used mindfully. Further, Emma can only run the engine for 30 or 40 hours at full capacity. She is a sailboat, we will motor only when it is critically necessary. 

The head is a composting toilet. This is a simple device but care needs to be taken to learn and use it correctly. Full instructions will be given during the Boat Introduction. There is nothing especially squeamish about its use; it’s just different. Everybody sits. Guys(!) -- there is no standing to pee unless you are holding on to a shroud and peeing off the side of the boat.  

There is no shower inside the boat. Showers are accomplished on deck or ashore. Wet bums cannot be placed on interior upholstery. The salt in saltwater gets into any fabric and prevents it from ever drying all the way out. Everyone will have a saltwater towel to keep outside and a towel for fresh water inside. Bring a large beach towel for your own vanity and shyness. In lieu of showers, we will often lather up, take a quick dip off the side and then get a meager freshwater rinse afterward. Wet saltwater towels and bathing suits must not go down below and onto the upholstery.

Hard shell luggage cannot be accommodated. Please pack in duffels or frameless backpacks. There is nowhere to fit hard shell luggage and because most bunks do double duty as dinette or settee during the day, you cannot leave a hard suitcase on your bunk. 

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