Joining the Ruth Ann for a Cruise

By Way of Introduction

I am hoping that friends and interesting strangers might join me occasionally as I wander around aboard sv Ruth Ann. Chartering is not what I do. Visitors are not a profit making enterprise, but non-boat expenses, such as food and drink, will be shared. I am content to wander and experience the world on my own. However, if the chance arises that I can share that experience with friends that would be great. It is not, however, the reason I cruise.

Further, this document is actually meant to scare most of you off. This lifestyle is very different from what most people have experienced. I’m not trying to convert or torture anyone, but if you are not fully committed, fully open to living on the edge for a week or so, I’d rather not have you aboard. It is what it is. No Exceptions.

Please carefully read all these pages; links below. Thank you. 

Cardinal Rules: 
  • No hard shell luggage 
  • No smoking on board 
  • No illegal drugs
  • No wet bums on interior upholstery
  • One towel outside for saltwater, another inside for fresh.
  • No schedule; sailboats do not operate on an exact timeline
  • Visitors can choose the place or the time of their visit, but not both. 
  • Devices are only charged during the day with sun on the solar panels, not at night

Details at various places in the pages linked below.

It will be repeated below, there are no guarantees. A trip will be arranged primarily by email. As your date of departure approaches, all schedules will be checked and double checked. If you have requested a specific place, the dates will be tentatively confirmed a couple times as they approach. If a specific time was requested, Ruth Ann's schedule and location will begin to firm up in the month before a rendezvous. In both cases, in the final week or so, you will be given an email address that will reach the boat by satellite. This is an expensive link but can be used on a limited and emergency basis as we begin the final phases of traveling toward each other. If something goes wrong along the way, the skipper will likely know in the last few days before you travel. There are unforeseen weather or mechanical problems that might interfere at the last moment. I'll need a way to reach the visiting crew by this satellite link during their travel.

Each trip will have a rough itinerary. The only trips that are nearly guaranteed to complete the prescribed schedule are the passages from one place to another. Even these, however, can be radically altered by weather or boat problems. 

Details on these pages:

This document is subject to change.
Revised: 2019/12/10

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  1. The more I see of your efforts and plans, I. am amazed. And now I have a better idea as to the number of boats you have had. This one, and you, look good to go! Keep me posted and you stay safe. Dad


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