Monday, September 10, 2012

Quick Monday Update

I worked at the hospital all weekend, but went back to the boat today after a morning meeting. Today was short, but a good day. Momentum is building as I work on finishing projects before snow flies. I'm removing lots of sticky notes from the 'To Do' columns of my project board [that is a good thing for those of you who never met Roger Batton].

I worked on the cockpit today. The drainage[pictured above] that runs along each side of the floor, and carries water to the drains, has been all smoothed out with epoxy paste.  It will get a little sanding tomorrow and then I'll glass over the floor. Besides paint, the cockpit floor project is finished!! It will get painted with the deck and cabin sides.

Also, I cleaned up the re-patch I wrote of before. It was a chopped hole in the deck last week [to the right] and now is pretty and smooth[to the left]. The after shot shows some of the work I re-did on the gunwale radius just because I couldn't stop myself.  Paint to come as above.

Starting to clean off the project board is truly exciting. The little clean-up-detail projects more than outweigh the large projects. The chainplates, standing rigging and re-stepping the mast are big projects that are all going to be on next Spring's list. I might yet get the last two portlights in this year. When it gets too cold for paint and epoxy, I'll move inside to work on some wiring and cabinetry work.

I keep daydreaming up new projects. Most of these are whimsy to be ignored, but a great one came to me today - a teak grate table for the cockpit/cabin that I can make from the scrap teak I got removing the toe rail and rub rail!

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