Tuesday, April 13, 2010


A new year begins! Another belated post, but two weeks ago, it was a beautiful sunny day. I went running down to Douglas and uncovered my baby. It was beautiful and sunny and . . . I hadn't had near enough sleep. I tried to kill myself Thursday came off the road and headed to the boat on 1.5 hour of sleep. However, I got some rest and put in a great day on Friday.

There is now only ten or twelve feet of wire left on the entire boat! It all had to come out. My philosophy is that in order to know exactly what I have, I have to replace all the wiring. If there were any corrosion or damaged wire anywhere aboard, I wouldn't know it until something quit working. And even then I wouldn't necessarily know the location of the problem; better to start fresh. In order to start fresh, all the old had to come out. I left a few stray bits to trace a few wire runs I couldn't figure out.

After I got started, I was increasingly comfortable with the choice I had made. Behind the fuse panel was a mess, but I didn't realize HOW MUCH of a mess until I started tearing it out. She'll have a couple new electrical panels and LOTS of new wiring when I get done. Also, a couple new house batteries and a new starting battery. As I do more research and make preliminary choices about equipment, the battery budget, in Amp-Hours not in Money, is coming together. Later are choices about heavy duty alternators, solar panels, wind generators and other fun expensive stuff. "Stuff" being a nautical term, of course.

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