Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Signs of Spring

Damn, April Snow!

I went to the store Monday with no socks in my shoes; I got the last six snaps on my tonneau cover snapped again; and I have no funiture. Well, that last is only about spring with regard to spring cleaning. And besides, today, there is snow on the ground again. Spring in Indiana.

I put up handbills in the building to sell my furniture and it was gone in 30 hours or so. Should have waited a week, I guess. :o) Beside books, my worldly possessions include four TV trays and an office chair; my guitar too.

It looks like it has snowed a fair amount up in Bay City. I have one foot in South Bend, one in Hudsonville and a mental one in Bay City. There sits "In A Mist." I can't wait to start working on her. The first project list is bottom paint and general clean up; along with an inventory. I am hoping that the existing sails will last this summer anyway. There will need to be some updated instruments, etc. I plan on using a sextan; not GPS. I would really rather use some alternative fuel stove rather than propane but I will use my propane campstove first. The alcohol stove is coming out regardless. The wind speed, direction, etc gauges may not work. There is a compass and an old VHF radio.

The throughulls and tankage need to be checked out as do the electrical and plumbing systems. I hope to make a list of phases. She needs to get back in the water so that I can get some sailing in. :o) I need to get my sea legs back.

I'm mostly packed. I have another trip to Hudsonville to add to the Garage Sale stuff there. Then, I need to get some stuff to Bay City and find some work and a place to live. I will likely be in South Bend until the 21st. So far emailing resumes has not been very successful.

Fair Winds,


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