The Food

The old galley stove

The galley is semi-pescatarian vegetarian. In areas where overfishing and/or ciguatera are major concerns, we will abstain from seafood. Otherwise, we will occasionally catch fish and lobsters, or buy from the locals. These will primarily be cooked and eaten the same day. Further, the galley is not set up for storing, handling or cooking with other raw meats. Pasta and clam sauce is a simple and delicious specialty on the Ruth Ann, so there is a small variety of canned meat; mostly seafood. There might even be “Meat Sauce” for pasta if it was on sale, or the only choice, somewhere.  Crew is welcome to bring jerky, dried sausage or such like for their own consumption, but other raw meat is not allowed on board.

The food aboard Ruth Ann is plentiful and simple in a variety of rich flavors, but she is primarily a vegetarian boat with occasional seafood or other as noted above.

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